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CFC Screening

So the Indie Rebels filmĀ Hotline made the Collaboration Filmmakers Challenge final screening, congrats to all involved! Playing this Friday night, 7pm, at the Harmony Gold theater in Los Angeles, CA, we look forward to seeing all the films at the competition.  ...

Another Weekend, Another Short Film

This weekend we shot another short film, THE WAITING GAME, written and directed by Rob Peters, with cinematography by Chase Wrenn. This film had the support of East Coast Orphans members Rose Leisner, Corey Zetterberg, Ian Hensley, and Carrie Moore. Check out a couple...

Website Live

Looks like we’ve finally got a handle on our new site, let us know what you think!
Upgrade Complete

Upgrade Complete

Indie Rebels has just received their upgrade from RDC, and are now the proud owners of a RED DRAGON camera. Who is ready for some highly detailed 4K finished content?