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So we’ve been quiet recently, but there’s still plenty going on. We’re constantly tweaking the site, based on feedback and flow, so if you notice some pages move or go missing, don’t worry. The content will find its way out one way or another.

We’ll also be adding new content and pages in the near future. Skip, one of our team members, will have his page linked with the other team members shortly, though you can check it out if you follow the pattern of the other team members. We’ll also be looking to add our gear page, and more content-focused work pages soon.

The team has taken a small break recently as members have gone on vacation, lost phones, changed schedules and more, but now everything is back to the grind as new shorts, episodes, and even features are being written, commercials being shot, and previous shorts being edited. A new cut of The Waiting Game is coming up very soon, as well as a new, shorter version of Hotline that doesn’t conform to CFC festival requirements. Good news all around!

We’ll keep you updated as more develops!

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